Glenn Flaming M.P.T.
Simone Flaming

Glenn graduated from California State University Fresno in 1994 with a Masters in Physical Therapy.  He moved to Maine with his wife, Simone, in 1997 "because of the weather".  In 1998 Glenn opened Flaming Physical Therapy so he could treat patients one-on-one and without time restraint.  Glenn enjoys working with his patients in a close one-on-one setting so he can best access their specific issues and needs.  He uses more than one technique to help resolve issues specific to that patient.  Glenn enjoys working in and supporting the local community and has provided seminars to the Bath Garden Club, Brunswick Biking Club and Phippsburg Senior Group to name a few.  Glenn would be happy to provide seminar services to your organization. 

Glenn enjoys spending time with his wife and children, is a Den Leader for the Cub Scouts.
Tracy Reimer P.T.A.
Tracy graduated from Lynn University on Boca Raton, FL in 2000 with an Associates of Science in Physical Therapy.  She has experience as a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant in acute inpatient settings, rehabilitation hospitals, home health, long-term housing facilities and outpatient clinics. 
Since moving here from South Florida in 2005, she appreciates the improved quality of living for her and her three boys. 
Tracy joined Flaming Physical Therapy in 2006 and has brought her expertise in core stabilization using the Stott method of Pilates, neuromuscular re-education and other manual techniques to help each patient with their rehab goals.
Tracy enjoys going to the gym, boxing, kickboxing, activities with her family and her newest passion-Pilates.
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